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I’m a twenty something year old mummy of one. A beautiful, wilful and clever little lady who keeps my metabolic rate at optimal functioning with her energetic nature.Being mummy is the hardest yet most exciting and rewarding job I’ve ever or will ever do. Im also a Nurse, Masters Student and now blogger trying to juggle it all and keep life glamourous.

Getting to know me.

Creative toddler Play. Belly laughs. Stationary. Being a fiancé. A good TV box set. Apple gadgets. Fine Dining. Boutique Hotels. Statement Necklaces. A good Shellac Manicure. Deep discussions. Lemon curd. Cooking. Smart Storage Solutions. Date Nights. Academic Writing (believe it or not) Toddler Fashion. Travel (i favour Italy EVERY time) Proud Mummy Moments. Charbonnel et Walker. Big Bouncy Blowdrys. Mulberry and Givenchy handbags (even when stuffed with nappies and wipes) A good quality Spa Break a few times a year.

Queuing. Rudeness. Nose picking. Dandelion tea. Handryers. Insignia Drivers. Eammon Holmes.

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