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A large proportion of my childhood was spent literally hanging off my lovely Nan’s apron, whilst she cooked up a storm and fed the masses from her kitchen in Coventry. Until now,i’ve never attempted any of her recipes as i couldn’t do them justice!

I like to think of this one a a collaboration between myself and my Nan. On a recent visit i mentioned that i’d got unopened punnets of raspberries, strawberries and a bag of apples that went out of date that day. I didn’t fancy going to the shops for eggs to make a cake, as i needed to sit and plan some new recipes. She suggested i make a crumble. “I don’t know how” i replied. She laughed. I think she did so for the following reasons; the world and his dog know how much i LOVE cooking and baking, and crumble is so incredibly simple to make!

Off i went to have a go…..

This is another one of of my recipes that’s suitable for the whole family including your baby or toddler. Not only because i’ve significantly reduced the calorie intake, but it was one that Little C let me make without her pulling everything out of the cupboards during the prep time, it was that quick to make!

I’ve tried to make it as healthy as possible and have made some alterations to the original recipe to keep any sugar highs at a minimum. Baking this is quick, hassle free and it will keep well in your fridge for a week or so. Its great hot or cold. Oh and its seriously yummy!


2 apples
1/2 a lemon
1 punnets of strawberries
1 punnets of raspberries
150g of self of self raising flour
250mg of dairy free butter (or stork if you prefer)
A dash of almond milk
75g of sweetener
1tbsp of vanilla essence

IMG_1696 2



1) Roughly chop all the fruit and place it into a deep oven proof dish.

2) Poor the lemon juice over the fruit and put to one side.

3) Place the self raising flour, butter, almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg and a few drops of vanilla essence into a moving bowl and sift through your fingers until it resembles fine biscuit crumbs.

4) Place all the ingredients into the oven proof dish (crumble at the top) and bake for 40 minutes at 190C/170C fan/gas 5.


Serve with Waitrose Lemon Gelato (adults) or light squirty cream for small children.


Add some blackberries to get closer to your five a day.

Thanks for reading.

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