The Etiquette for visiting Newborn Babies and their Parents.

As with most of my posts this one is inspired by recent experience. A few of my friends are expecting and a good amount have recently had babies. Whether its your first or third,for a new mum having a new baby in the house is a major upheaval. You feel pressure to introduce your new addition to your circle of friends and family in the midst of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with emotions.

For new parents, bringing home your long awaited bundle of joy is momentous and joyful but undoubtably all consuming. Its perfectly normal at this time for taking care of yourself and your home to be way down on your list of priorities. From personal experience, I struggled to string a sentence together, and looked like an extra from the Walking Dead for weeks following Little C’s birth. That was just on the outside. New parenthood is often full of anxieties and worries of varying forms so its good to bear this in mind.

My friends and family were so supportive and helpful when I had Little C, and i’ve complied a list of tips and things to keep in mind when visiting new babies and their parents based on this experience and of being the visitor of a new baby and their parents.

1) Don’t push the visit. Gauge from your relationship with that person if they seem like they genuinely want visitors.

2) Personally, i’d send a text of congratulations as soon as the birth is announced, but wait at least a week before offering to visit. If they invite you this is different, or if they have limited family support then offer help as soon as you deem appropriate and based on your relationship.

3) When planning the visit ask when is convenient for them, they may be breastfeeding on demand or baby might be sleeping every few hours and they feel that your visit would be best when baby is sleeping.

4) Offer to bring groceries or anything they need but may struggle to get easily at this time.

5) Consider if you want to ring the doorbell maybe text the parent/parents on the way as they might want to leave the door unlocked so you can come straight baby might be sleeping!

6) We had some wonderful friends visit us when my other half had gone back to working long hours in his job as an Intensive Care Consultant after maternity leave. They came over and offered to watch the baby so i could have a nap. Although i didn’t nap as i got chatting, this meant the world to me. The might be something you feel comfortable to do as a visitor.

7) Dont outstay your welcome. Entertaining is stressful especially when your focus is elsewhere (on baby) don’t stay too long parent/parents and baby will be tired.

8) NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY! It’s the easy way to get MADE! Only joking it will really pee a new parent off!

9) Always wash your hands before you make contact with the baby and consider washing your hands as soon as you enter their environment.

10) Send a really encouraging and supportive text after your visit, complimenting the parent/parents of how well they are managing. It might be the thing that perks them up after a long day of new parenthood.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and experiences.

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