Why I’m Happy to be Hanging up my Two Piece Bikini… For good!

There will be no picture/photo to accompany this post. You should understand why by the end of the post….

This post was inspired by a recent trip to the Spa. I’ve been enjoying Spa breaks with friends twice or three times a year for as many as I remember. I laugh when I think how choosing my bikini that would barely be seen under my dressing gown (standard spa attire) would seem like a crisis, which is so odd when so little actual material was involved!

Less than three years ago i’d wear a two piece string bikini with pride, thats not to say I was body confident or particularly happy with my figure i just had a different perspective.

I also hang my head in shame to admit that within the last 5 years i’d giggle my mothers size 8-10 tummy that she’d tuck into her jeans and swear that would never be me! I do this now and only ever buy high waisted jeans for comfort.

Fast forward three years, a 9lb 5oz baby coupled with a near three stone weight gain (i lost most of it thanks to SW) some stretch marks, and the thought of donning a two piece around the pool fills me worry.

But its OK. I’m over it..I’ve accepted it. Well that phase of my life anyway….. I’m 29 and at ease with my size 12 post baby bulge and stretch marks. I’d love to drop a dress size or two but even then i’d be uncomfortable in a bikini. I am now someone who seeks a tummy control one piece and if I never wear a string bikini of which the pants will be eaten by my bottom within minutes of wearing again, it will be too soon!

I’ve also noticed the changing general perception of the one piece. If people get it right it can be such a glamorous look…. Think Amalfi Coast natives (women obviously) who have feasted on a mediterranean diet, made the most of the climate and are born stylish…… not my size 12 stretch mark laden body!

Anyway i’m sure certain groups will say I should “display my post baby body with pride” or words to that effect, but the truth is I’m happy to only share my post baby body with my precious child and amazing other half. My “new” body means so much more than the old one because of what I went through to get it! This is why I’m not sharing my two piece bikini photo!
I give a high five to mums who feel body confident to wear a small bikini post baby its just not for me anymore. I have been empowered by my parenting experience in so many other ways.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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