Marley’s World Asia by Gemma Byers. A Book Review.

I have a 16 month old daughter who adores books and being read to! It’s something I’ve gently encouraged but truth be told she’s developed her own fascination with them and I felt incredibly proud when she asked for a book amongst all the toys at a large department store recently. As a mummy, I love the bonding time with Little C that we have every evening before bed when we sit down and read from her book collection. Some of her books are read on average 3 times in one evening but I can’t complain as it secretly makes me feel proud!

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the wonderfully illustrated range of books called Marley’s World by Gemma Byers. It was the beautiful illustration that first attracted me to the range. Gemma the writer is also a mummy of two, illustrator and a pleasure to chat to on social media so the prospect of reviewing the book was exciting!

Marley’s World follows the adventures of Marley the cat as he travels around the world. We chose the Asia book but Marley can be followed around different Continents. Marley’s World is part of set of 7 books and can be purchased at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MarleysWorldBooks and are very reasonably priced for such a high quality book.

Prior to opening the book up Little C shouted “book” so I knew she had to be involved in the review. I could see she was immediately drawn to the book by the illustration as I was. Little C is familiar with different household pets so could identify “Cat” Marley from the offset. Little C listened and engaged well with the insightful and educational text. I was particularly impressed with the strong message of animal endangerment amongst colourful bright and happy images of animals making the book appealing to a young demographic including toddler’s.
The length of the story is just right as it features and situates key endangered animals whilst being able to hold the readers attention. Little C has been known to tire of some books at page two and will force my hand to close the book if its not to her liking! This didn’t happen with Marley’s World and she sat still for the duration of the story.

I acknowledge that at first glance this book may seem more appropriate for a child older than mine. Personally I like to buy books aimed for an older reading age and this will be a book that you revisit as your child’s knowledge and understanding increases so I felt it would be a good choice for a broad age range. I would recommend it to children younger than my own aswell as an older child for the fact that its a brilliant way of encouraging children to identify the animals prior to understanding the story. Equally, an older child would understand the story and learn the key message in addition to enjoying the delightful illustration.
I was also impressed with both the content and level of workmanship that Gemma has put into developing this range so i highly recommend it.

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