How to Manage Long Car Journey’s with Babies and Small Children.

FullSizeRender 12A recent trip to the seaside had to be managed with military precision so not to be too traumatic for the adults or child in our family! We (adults) are both in agreement that as much as we love Little C she quite possibly has the loudest cry EVER! Crying children can be distracting and it can be stressful to hear your child upset so in all seriousness this post relates to the safety & wellbeing of your family.

I’m in no way shape or form claiming to be an expert in parenting. I’m merely a “mummy in action” as i like to call it and you all seem to like the tips I’ve shared with you on some other topics so i thought i’d share my tips on travelling on long journeys with babies and small children. This list is for a day trip or overnight stay. I assume you have a changing bag with all of the essentials in addition to these items.

1) Plan the journey including diversions and check for roadworks in advance.

2) Schedule stops prior to setting off as it may give you some comfort to know that a break is coming up for all involved. This may change depending on events.

2) Ensure the sat nav is fully charged, pack the charger and have a back up like a map also.

3) ALWAYS have a 2L bottle of water (or 2) in the car incase of an emergency i.e breaking down.

4) Check the recommendations for how long your baby/child can be in their car seat to avoid sore bums etc.

5) Check your changing bag is well stocked including spare clothes & snacks for all incase of emergency but nothing too heavy for baby/child as you never know when they might experience car sickness.

6) I learnt that had way with this one… give your baby/child a light meal at least 30 minutes prior to setting off……

7) Try to schedule the journey around the child’s nap time to make the journey easier for all involved.

8) Plan the entertainment well. This is the only time i advocate devices but as a last resort. Try number 10 first.

9) Plan the child’s outfit sticking to light and breathable fabrics that can be layered up or down. Think comfort for this one.

10) Depending on your child’s age you could see long car journeys as a learning and or bonding experience some examples include counting and playing “i spy”. Take the opportunity to try these next time you have a long journey.

11) Have everything you might possibly need to hand as it will be of no use to you in the boot where you can’t reach it mid journey.

12) If a two parent family consider if one parent should sit in the back with the child. I do this when possible so i can deal with any problems like crying swiftly and without distracting the car driver too much.

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Thanks for reading. Feel free to add to this list in the comments section.

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